Can you Bring a Skateboard on a Plane? Flying with a Skateboard

Electric skateboarding is getting more popular as more people choose to take their boards with them while they ride. They are their primary mode of transport. Some dream of flying on their boards around the world and others only want to bring their boards with them so that they do not have to hire a car or pay Uber.

Around the same time, carriers tend to have infinite lists of what will and cannot fly. These laws never obey common sense, either, since certain seemingly innocuous alternatives are forbidden and other things permitted which do not seem healthy. There will be a lot of myths regarding the rules from the carrier to the airline and country by country.

You would think you should verify with the FAA, but airlines will add other regulations in addition to them while they are bound to abide by the FAA.

You can easily opt to leave behind your board or skip your flight because you are not well prepared.

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We can break down the numerous rules that you have to know, reviewing various airlines and flight routes to give you the most detailed guidance that we will use on your board.

Major airlines and their regulations for Skateboards

Can you bring an electric skateboard to Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines skateboard is a common alternative if you fly home to the USA. Southwest has no special law on electronic skateboards, but it has one for standard skateboards. You should store it upside down with the wheels when you get aboard, which suits under your sitting, in front of you. As even a penny board doesn’t seem to be able to fit down, you can even stack it in the overhead racks with the wheel’s upside down again.

You will have to place the board in a container or spray the wheels with a trash bag to discourage anyone else from scratching them. You should even search whether you would rather not carry it. Note that when you do, you replace your free checked bag with the board, and you will have to pay for every bag you search.

Can you bring an electric skateboard to United Airlines?

United in particular forbids e-bikes and decks, but not hybrid skateboards. In that strategy, too, electric scooters are listed. Even if electric skateboards are not called clearly, you should presume that you certainly would not carry an electric skateboard if electric mountain scooters and bicycles aren’t allowed.

If this is inadequate, the official sports equipment policy of United Airlines notes explicitly that only skateboards that are not powered are accepted as a packed or carry-on bag.

You certainly can’t take your board with you while you are flying United. You should go to a different airline if you haven’t booked your ticket yet.

Can you bring an electric skateboard to American Airlines?

You will put your cartel on American Airlines with you as long as it is less than 126 inches long and weighs less than 70 libraries. But it appears that it cannot be called a carrier: it must be checked. It seems.

Note that whilst the absolute weight limit is 70 pounds, a board weighing above 50 pounds would be paid an extra fee. But it is impossible to have a 50 live board.

It should also be remembered that American Airlines bans hoverboards and electric scooters and its regulation stipulates that it does not consider lithium-ion battery-driven personal items as checked or transported baggage. Many electric skateboards use batteries of lithium-ion, but, even though they are not explicitly prohibited, they would unlikely be authorized.

That being said, it is not just the boards that use lithium-ion batteries. There should be no excuse why you cannot carry one of them as checked skateboard luggage if you use a particular battery.

Can you bring an electric skateboard to Air Canada?

Skateboards are available from Air Canada as long as the overall linear scale is less than 62 inches. This is applied to the length, width, and height. Many boards will surpass that, and the over-size premium will have to be charged, even though the checks are still possible.

This seems exciting at first, but alas, neither checked nor carrying baggage does not permit electric skateboards. Air Canada bans boards themselves regardless of the kind of battery that they use, unlike US Airlines, which bans only one battery type.

You could split your board and put it into your baggage searched, but there’s no guarantee.

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Can you bring an electric skateboard to Delta Airlines?

Electric skateboards are now prohibited from Delta Airlines, the second biggest airline in the world.

They allow linear boards of less than 115 inches, so like Air Canada, attempting to disassemble your board, check the board and motor, and take your battery as carry-on will be worthwhile.

Again, no promise will work, but the electric skateboard without the battery is just a smaller skateboard.

Transportation Security Administration

The TSA is responsible for the safety of all airports in the USA. When you travel to the United States, they’ll decide what you can, what you cannot, and what you can, on the plane.

The TSA is perfect and has no control over standard skateboards. The TSA makes no mention of all-electric skateboards, thus, in principle, the only airlines with your electric skateboard may be troublesome.

However, some people had issues, apparently because the battery is greater than 99wH. It is uncertain whether this would be a concern – battery law applies only to replacement batteries and not too attached batteries. Again, TSA makes no mention of batteries or electric skateboards.

One typical piece of advice is to uninstall the plug, search the board for your baggage and hold on to the battery, and you can place it in your secure storage tank.

Once again, it is unchanged that this is important since there are no electric skateboards on plane TSA laws and the battery rules for loose replacement batteries are the only guidelines. Nevertheless, enough people had trouble with it that care should be taken.

Also, TSA is happy to encourage the airlines to decide the policy on electrical skateboards. Just make sure that the battery stays unlocked because it often seems impossible to protect the whole board in one piece.

However, it is only for American airlines. Any other government with its defence administrations.

How to fly with an electric skateboard?

Battery size is important

Any airline has numerous battery size regulations. The airline connections contain, above all, information on the battery strategy of the airline.

Some airlines make batteries less than 99 WH, while others can only use up to 160 WH batteries. Note, the FAA and TSA will decide the batteries that airlines can allow on board.

A detachable battery is better here because most airlines allow electric skates to unplug the battery in particular.

Check with the airline first

Just before the flight, contact the airline… Some airlines are good at the board, but you want to remind you that you have a lithium battery, and others don’t mind when the battery is being unblocked.

Many rules online posted are vague, and it’s still a safe idea to consult with the airline at first.

Only contact them instead of calling them. You will thus print the emails you send and provide simple, written documentation of what they are saying. Then, if you’re going to feel troublesome from the workers at the terminal, there is a formal record proving that the plane is O.K.

Check your board, carry your battery

It seems like a smart idea, no matter what carrier you are flying with. Test the battery board at the ticket counter and take the battery with you.

While your airline (like Southwest) is fine, it would probably be better to search your board, unless you have a detachable battery. It will be easier to use the board of directors.

Some also report airlines that banning electric skateboards would allow you to travel with them until the batteries have been dislodged. While this could be valid, it is important to be mindful that none of the airlines specifies anywhere that their electric skateboard bans are exempt. And if certain passengers have been granted permission to use a single charger, this is not part of their official scheme. Assuming that the airline already understands what happened, it seems that particular staff of the airline exercise their view.

Buy a Different Board

Certain firms have already begun investigating this issue and have best electric skateboards licensed for air travel. For example, Mellow believes that battery boards would be made on every airline. Since these are all hub drive decks, it seems that after removing the battery, you have a standard skateboard.

The Boosted Mini S is yet another small board with a small battery that many airlines do not have any issues with and considered as best mini electric skateboard

The majority of airlines that make boards require you to untie your battery – because of the fire hazards, no one can control a battery anymore. While there could be a workaround on Hub drive boards in electronic skateboard bans. Without a charger, a belt drive board is virtually unusable. A hub drive board can however be used as a standard skateboard while the battery is out.

Indeed, a hub driver board without the battery also looks a lot like a normal skateboard, so it is easy to trick airlines that are banning electric skateboards.


It does not appear after reading anything but it is easier than it looks to ride on your electric skateboard. It’s, at least, so long as you fly with a non-prohibiting carrier.

The concern is that several airlines are banning electric skateboards. This is a kind of new occurrence. A quick scan on Reddit and other sites would pull several posts from people who state they have never had any problem with their board flying on any airline. Many tend to be older posts.

The issues are hoverboards and other low-cost battery devices. They are much more likely than an electric skateboard to burst into flames, but they are lumped together by airlines.

Therefore, hoverboards are potentially a real risk for flights. As electric skateboards are a type of hoverboard, they believe that they have the same risk. This is disappointing, but it does mean that things are going to improve.

Continue to review airline policies; since the popularity of electric skateboards increases without burning them all the time, they are no different from hoverboards and do not face the same sort of risks.

Meanwhile, before booking your flight, please contact the airline. Email them better still. When your board is approved on the plane, print it out and bring it home with you.

It is also a smart idea to print the TSA or FAA battery rules and show them to the battery management agencies if they’re not satisfied to carry the battery.

The method is easy until you select an airline that welcomes your board. Check the board and release the battery into your luggage carrier. You probably have to run it independently from the rest of the baggage into the x-ray detector and they will run a fast explosive test on it.

The concept behind this is to prepare the flight crew to tackle this if the battery triggers fire in the cabin. No one will know before it is too late whether it triggers fire in the skateboard luggage bag.

Often, it’s sufficient to disassemble or uninstall the battery to take the board on a flight that bans electric skateboarding. However, not one airline says it’s valid. This is purely anecdotal; some guys have said that they would. Whether before or after the airlines enforced their prohibition is not clear. It is not clear.

None of these airlines has formally prohibited them from banning electric skateboards so if you do this yourself. We mention this mainly because it seems to be a common piece of advice online, and if you try, you should know the risk you take. We advise against it. We advise against it.

This all takes a long wind: if you want to know if you can ride on your electric skateboard, please call the airline for more information. Electric skateboards are not limited globally, not in the US nor in Canada, not in the UK or Europe, nor anywhere in the world. Battery size limits are the only restrictions levied by governmental bodies.

This ensures that each airline has the authority to decide whether or not they want electric skateboards on their airplanes

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