How to Make an Electric Skateboard – DIY Electric Skateboard

Will you have a regular skateboard at home, but you like an electric skateboard but can’t purchase it due to the high price. Or if you are getting bored at home and want to do something.

Here is the solution for both. Below is the step by step information about how to make an electric skateboard at home. It involves different things such as electronics, design, and so on.

So, at the same time it is informative and a lot of fun in building an electric skateboard. Let’s start step by step.


If you want to do anything successfully then the first step involves planning. Good planning takes you towards success. Plan what things or what features you want in your custom build electric skateboard.

For example, range, speed, and easy to use. Moreover, the most important thing is the skateboard cost. The electric skateboard kit you make in-home should be in the budget.

Make List of Parts Used

The second step involved is to make a list of all the parts that are required to make a diy electric skateboard kit at home. Following things are used as an electric skateboard part:

  • 6 to 7 plies of Maple wood or solid wood of size (30 cm*10 cm).
  • A pair of skateboard reverse kingpin trucks. 
  • Two pairs of skateboard wheels.
  • Eight pieces of skateboard bearings.
  • A set of eight bolts and nuts.
  • Grip tape for the deck.
  • Two sets of riser pads.
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Drill machine.
  • Esc
  • Battery
  • Brushless Dc motor


Commonly, for electric skating a brushless dc motor is suggested, due to the force it can convey in quite a little motor. Almost the main detail of a brushless dc engine is the KV proportion. KV represents rpm/Volt applied to the engine. So, on the off chance that you apply 10volts to a 190KV engine, you will get 1900 rounds for every moment.

The higher the KV the lower the force (power) the engine can yield. It is difficult to locate the correct KV-proportion for your board. The usable KV proportion of electric skateboards is somewhere in the range of 100 and 300 K Volts.

If you have a high voltage battery (like 10s) you need to go for a lower KV, that is because of a 300 VK engine • the 37v of a battery = an rpm of 11100. That is a smidgen too high rpm for electric skateboards.

 A Brushless Dc motor is shown in the picture.


There are two types of electric skateboard batteries LiPo and Li-ion. LiPo and Li-ion batteries have nearly similar electronic attributes. They have a similar maximum voltage of 4.2v and a minimum voltage of 3.7v. LiPo batteries are somewhat less expensive yet are more delicate, Li-particle is more costly yet is less delicate. Choose a battery according to your choice and budget.

These are the parts that are used to make your own electric skateboard at home. After making the list purchase these parts where you seem these are cheap from an online store or any other store.

The first picture is LiPo Battery and the second is Li-ion Battery.

Make a Sketch

When you get all the parts the next step is to sketch on paper how these parts are attached. The sketching starts attaching the parts to reduce the chances of any mistakes.

This step should be done very carefully because all the further work depends on it. So, any mistake in this step causes a mistake in the skateboard.

Attach all Parts

The next step is to attach all the parts according to the sketch.


Making a diy skateboard deck at home is not difficult. Take that maple wooden sheet 6 to 7. From that point onward, you need to mold that maple wooden sheet, press them, place them under a vacuum and leave them for a couple of hours.

After a couple of hours, you will get your deck. The press will shape the entire deck and after you get all the sheets consolidated, you need to slice the deck to give it a decent shape.

After you got your deck, attach other parts with it. You may utilize an old board to get a smart thought where you need to bore your openings for the trucks. Just spot an old board over the custom deck and imprint the hole spot utilizing a pencil. After that drill the openings utilizing a drill-machine.

Introduce the trucks appropriately. Ensure the trucks are put properly. You need to bore 8 openings altogether. Gather the trucks focused and introduce all the wheels on your truck.

After you have introduced the electric skateboard wheels and a pair of electric skateboard trucks, you need to look at the wheelbase and the concavity. A more extensive wheelbase gives more extensive turns.

Attach Motor

Get information from YouTube about how the motor for electric skateboards is attached to the skateboard. It is a bit of a difficult step. Moreover, this step should be done with care to ensure that all the wires should be attached properly.

Enclosure the sensible parts

The enclosure should be done to make the electronics parts safe. The enclosure made should be easy to hold. It should also be hard enough to prevent damage to the expensive and the electronics part.


Paint the upper surface according to your choice and taste. This step completely depends upon your creativity. Moreover, this is the most fun part of making an electric skateboard.

The above are the steps that tell you or help you to make an electric skateboard at home.

Some of the pros and cons of making electric skateboard at home are given as:

  • Very cheap.
  • Complete options about customization
  • It is full of fun
  • It enhances your creativity
  • Difficult for those who don’t know mechanics
  • Need a lot of research

How does an Electric Skateboard Work?

We are starting to see increasingly electric skateboards around us. People use electrical skateboards to turn, walk, or simply ride. I love electric skateboards personally. It’s just a lot of fun! But precisely what is an electric skateboard? How are they doing? How are they working?

Electrical skateboards are identical to regular skateboarding unless they’re powered by an electric motor. You usually open your throttle, speed control, and brake by using a remote handheld control. Under the e-skateboard is mounted the battery that powers the electric motor. The engines are attached either below the deck or inside the wheels. By tilting one side of the frame, the rider turns (weight shift to heels or toes). The electric skateboard is for local transportation or transport. They normally carry a weight of around 10 kg (12 lbs.), with high speeds of 10 to 30 lbs. (15-50 km/h). The range will vary between 10 and 31 thousand (16-50km).

Benefits of Electric Skateboard

When you like skating, you know how comfortable you feel when you are skating in the world without any care. You can think about how you can improve the experience even better than before and the response is an electric skateboard. We put together some great reasons for making this a good choice for you.

They’re eco friendly

Anything using electricity is often frowned on, but since electric skateboards can be charged twice, this is not necessary. By opting to carry your skateboard on journeys where you could have used a vehicle to make a great impact on your carbon footprint, you can be confident that you do your bit.

You can start to get healthier

If in this day and age you are like many, you may feel like sitting in the house and gazing out at the screens on the electronic devices for way too much time. It’s not ideal for your long-term health and instead, it can be good to go outside. A skateboard is a perfect solution for this since it ensures that you are in the air and workout, without being co-opted all the time into your house.

They’re great for learning how to skate

One thing in which several beginner skaters have trouble is how to manipulate the board – and many skaters confess that they have fallen out of the board many times as they practice. An electric skateboard is a fantastic way to support, however, as the power depending on the user’s experience can either increase or decrease, and this means you can take it nice and slowly if you are a novice until you become more comfortable with your board.

They’re a comfortable way to travel

With the high quality of several kinds of electric skateboards, consumers have now documented being a very easy way to ride. Some people even explain it as feeling they float around, a perfect endorsement of the product, of course. This means you can be confident that whatever kind of ride you’re going to be on your electric skateboard, you’re relaxed.


The electric skateboard is another creative way for local transport without environmental pollution. Because of technological advancements, electric skateboards are falling in the price of production and competing companies. Every year it gets more famous.

I hope you know how electric skateboards are working. Either I hope you will better understand the anatomy of e-boards through my blog post. I would be glad to read about you if you had any ideas or general input. It is very much appreciated.

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