10 Best Mini & Small Electric Skateboard (Updated 2021)

Mini electric skateboards are cost-effective, lightweight, and travel friendly. Compact electric skateboards are gaining popularity because of the ease they provide to the rider. If you take a bus or a train as part of your journey you can easily take mini e-boards with you without worrying about the dead weight on your hands. You can just toss it in your backpack or even carry it in your hands.


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Teamgee H5 37″

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Mini electric skateboards are being introduced with innovations and multiple features. Before you buy a mini electric skateboard you need to consider the different features and pros and cons of different products available. In this article, we bring you the best mini electric skateboards you can find on amazon. Additionally, we have compiled a buyer’s guide and FAQs to help you get the best product.

ProductNameRangeTop SpeedPrice
MEEPO Mini 2 Electric SkateboardMEEPO Mini 2 Electric Skateboard - Best Choice
Boosted Mini X Electric SkateboardBoosted Mini X Electric Skateboard - Best Choice
Current Mini SkateboardCurrent Mini Skateboard - Best Choice
BOARDUP The Portable Mini SkateboardBOARDUP The Portable Mini Skateboard
TEXXIS Mini Electric SkateboardTEXXIS Mini Electric Skateboard
SAY YEAH Electric SkateboardSAY YEAH Electric Skateboard
LMM Youth Mini Electric SkateboardLMM Youth Mini Electric Skateboard

Best Mini Electric Skateboard 2021

Still not convinced about the best mini electric skateboard 2021, follow our extensive list below, complete with a skateboard for every kind of use! The top electric skateboards are all here.

Best Mini Electric Skateboard
Best Mini Electric Skateboard

1. Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

with Remote, Top Speed – 28 mph,6 Months warrantySkateboard Cruiser for Adults Teens

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Meepo
  • Material: 7 ply Canadian Maple
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 33.75 x 12.5 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 17 Pounds
  • Top speed: 28 MPH
  • Range: 11 miles
  • Remote: Wireless
  • Accessories Kit: Included
Product Image

MEEPO Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

Meepo mini 2 is not just a portable skateboard, it is also very fun to ride with a 30-inch short deck. The kicktail making of the deck makes it easier to ride and super smooth to turn. Another mentionable technology is the front end protection technology and the perfect deck width makes it super easy and comfortable to ride.

The compact body of the deck has a lot of power which allows you to express skill and experience. It is easy to carry on the road and buses for office workers. Because of the small size and over performance, skateboard addicts can carry it anywhere and everywhere. The powerful battery allows you to have a range of 11 miles per charge.

Most skateboarders find this standard equipment more than sufficient for all their needs. Meepo offers you to have several accessories including M4 remote, skateboard tolls, charger, DC cable, Stickers, and USB cable for the remote. The wireless remote allows you to have full control over every move of the rider.

  • Speedy board that is super fun.
  • Can go faster up to 32 MPH without any hurdles.
  • Not tried with hill and uneven surfaces.

2. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard


Product Specifications
  • Brand: Boosted
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 32.36 x 12.13 x 8 inches; 16.8 Pounds
  • Top speed: 20 MPH
  • Uphill Gradient: 20°
  • Range: 14 miles
  • Modes: 4 modes for riding
  • Brakes: regenerative brakes
  • Motors: 1000 Watts
Product Image

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

All boards by Boosted are made with ground-up purpose-built technology. This is done so you can enjoy electric skateboarding at its full potential and they ta care of the detailing. Boosted mini is best for short commutes, cruising your campus, exploring the neighborhood, and running quick errands. It is all you need in a small-sized electric board. The deck of the Boosted Mini is a custom-crafted deep-dish  composite deck.

The deck is built around a strong and popular core that is strong yet lightweight and is wrapped around in fiberglass to give you a smooth and redefined ride. This e-board gives you the Boosted signature powerful acceleration and smooth, secure braking so you feel safe and comfortable. This electric skateboard gives you 18-20 MPH speed so you have the highest speed but you do not have to sacrifice stability.

It has a good range and gives you the accessibility to climb the steepest surfaces as it provides a 20° uphill gradient. All the features of this e-board give you complete control over the board. It is made for people who are always on the move.

  • Strong torque at expert mode.
  • Very fast.
  • Awesome Uphill power.
  • High performance and easy to handle e-board.
  • Wheels are too soft can get chewed by gravels.
  • Trucks come in loose.

3. Current Mini Skateboard

6-9 Miles Max Range | 13 MPH Top Speed | 350W Hub Motor | Recommended Max Load 200 Lbs | PU Wheel 70×51 mm Grey (Grey)

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Current
  • Material: 7 ply Maple
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 8.6 x 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Top speed: 13 MPH
  • Load Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Range: 6-9 miles
  • Modes: 4 modes for riding
  • Uphill Gradient: 8-10 degrees
  • Motors: 350W
  • Battery: 5.0 Ah LG battery
  • Wheels: 70 x 51 mm PU wheels
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Warranty: 6 months
Product Image

Current Mini Skateboard

The current mini skateboard has numerous features to offer. Let’s start with the battery, It has is UL certified and is a 5Ah Samsung battery which allows the rider to accelerate to a maximum speed of 12 MPH for 6-9 miles. The battery can be fully charged in 3 hours and lets you travel at top speed for the range it has to offer with every charge.

The solid and portable construct weighs only 10 lbs and is made of waterproof premium material. It allows you to flex for a smooth ride and can take a load up to 180 lbs. This is the best choice for conquering the surroundings or just wandering off the street. The deck is 7 ply maple wood and has skid proof and shock absorbing tires to increase grip even on uneven surfaces.

It is designated as the perfect board for ages 12 and up but this does not mean that it is something for the kids. It offers 4 modes of speed that can be controlled by the remote so you can travel at your convenience and level of expertise. Finally, a 6-month long warranty covers all manufacturing defects and has a maintenance center in the USA for replacement and repair.

  • A strong battery that lasts long.
  • PU wheels give a smooth riding experience.
  • Different modes of speed so anyone either beginner or expert can ride.
  • Charging is an issue.

4. Enskate R3 Mini Electric Skateboard

Shortboard, with Wireless Remote Control Electric Skateboard Max 21.7 MPH 12.5 Miles Range, Dual Hub Motor 900w Electric Skateboard

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Enskate
  • Material: 7 ply maple
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Single warp
  • Dimensions: 79 x 24.5 mm
  • Top speed: 21.7 MPH
  • Range: 12.5 miles
  • Battery: 90 Wh
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Wheels: 90*60 PU wheels
  • Motors: Dual motors
Product Image

This portable and easy to ride mini electrical skateboard makes your everyday commutes easy and comfortable to ride, best for teens and kids to take to school, and even if you are an office worker and change buses, you can carry this around and put it in your backpack when you have to take the bus.

The deck is 8 ply maple wood and gives you the advantages of a skateboard as well as a surfboard. The deck is concave and has a tail wrap design to give to the feel of a classic skateboard. The trucks and electric retain are top quality and it is easy to start and steer for a safe and steady ride. The dual hub motors put a stable power output under your feet so there is no stopping you.

Looking for the top end best electric skateboards under $1000, look no further, we have written an extensive guide here.

The 90Wh battery charges fully in just 2 hours and allow you to travel up to 20 km and glide even farther. The motor wheels are replaceable and are 90mm in diameter, they also have 78A durometer hardness so you feel stable and comfortable. The wheels are large with a large contact area to the ground so it can balance out the stiffness of the maple deck and you have more flexibility.

  • Great board at an affordable price.
  • Strong deck, wheels, and trucks make the product reliable.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • The dual motos can contribute towards the weight.

5. Electron Board Mini

26″ 350W Motor LG Battery Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Electron board
  • Material: Maple
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 28 x 9 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 8.38 Pounds
  • Top speed: 12 MPH
  • Load Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Range: 5 miles
  • Modes: 2 modes for riding
  • Motors: 350W
  • Battery: 2.2 Ah LG battery
  • Wheels: 72 x 51 mm PU wheels
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
Product Image

Electron Board Mini

This high-performance mini electric skateboard allows you to have the authentic skateboard riding experience because it allows you to cruise around at the speed of up to 12 mph powered by a 350W hub motor. You can always choose between 2 modes, beginners and advanced, as per your expertise level. The powerful motor gives you power and a sleek look.

You can control your movements to the fullest with the wireless remote. It also gives you control over speed and braking and you do not need to set it up as it comes pre-paired with the board. The board has a smart turn on technology so as soon as you start riding it, it turns on by itself. You do not have to reach down to manually start it. It turns off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The battery is a safe LG lithium battery with a power of 2.2 Ah. LG battery is enough to keep you safe and powered up with confidence and gives you a range of 5 miles. This compact designed board is only 8 pounds so it is very easy to carry around. The thick Canadian maple deck makes the board light and durable and the board can be ridden like a regular one when there is no charge left.

  • The automatic start feature is amazing.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Comes with a tool kit.
  • Fun to ride board, made for urban riders.
  • Deck comes loose and touches the ground.
  • Short ranged.

6. Board Up

The Portable Mini Skateboard Longboard for Commute and Travel

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Board Up
  • Material: 7 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply Glass Fibre
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 33 x 9 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 Pounds
  • Hinge: Aluminum Alloy
  • Bearings: ABEC 9
  • Wheels: 75 x 52 mm wheels
Product Image

BOARDUP The Portable Mini Skateboard

This portable mini electric skateboard by Board Up is not just an ordinary mini electric skateboard. It is a longboard measuring 33 inches in length but it is the world’s first foldable mini electric skateboard for commute and travel. It offers you all the longboarding experience but just at half the size. The aluminum hinge in the middle allows you to fold it up in half.

Moreover, the hinge is equipped with self-lock technology patented by Board Up so the board stays locked up when you ride and there is no chance of buckling. When the rider engages the kick release pad on the nose of the board, only then the board can be folded. Once you fold it up there is the logo engraved handle to carry it around with ease.

The deck is a combination of multiple layers of Canadian maple and a single glass fiber layer so you have both strength and flexibility. The high re-bounce wheels and the hinge and bearings are low clearings so there are no hurdles while riding the board. This board gives you perfect balance and stability for traveling and commuting.

  • Great board for cruising and commutes.
  • Super smooth like a longboard.
  • Lightweight like a mini electric skateboard.
  • Kick release pad is very easy to master.
  • Thin board not good for hills.
  • Do not jump or the bottom hinges scrape the ground.

7. TEXXIS Mini Electric Skateboard

with Remote, 350W Motor, Max Speed 20km/h for Teens and Adults

Product Specifications
  • Brand: TEXXIS
  • Material: 7 ply Maple
  • Color: Orange
  • Dimensions: 25.4 x 6.8 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.1 Pounds
  • Top speed: 12 MPH
  • Load Capacity: 80 Kgs
  • Uphill Gradient: 15 degrees
  • Modes: 3 modes for riding
  • Motors: 350W brushless
  • Battery: 2200 mAh battery
  • Wheels: 72 x 51 mm PU wheels
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Waterproof: IP 54
Product Image

TEXXIS Mini Electric Skateboard

This 14 mm thick mini electric skateboard by Texxis is constructed with 7 ply maple wood to provide maximum flexibility to the rider. It is also is a sturdy board that can support up to 80 kgs of weight and has its weight of just 3.7 kgs. You can carry it under your arm, on the subway, on the bus, in short anywhere you go, your mini electric skateboard can come with you.

The 29.4V 2200mah lithium-ion batteries offer you a range of 8 km so you can travel to different parts of the city. The large and thick, high-quality urethane wheels give you high concentricity and low wear to carry your momentum so you can roll over off roads and through pavements with ease. Three modes of speed make it a likable board by people every age, from kids to adults.

The high frequency wireless remote controller not just controls speed but also allows you to steer backward and forward. The brushless motor allows you to move smoothly and quickly and has an uphill ability of 15% at the top speed. The braking system is smooth and predictable so there are no dead zones and you are completely safe during the ride.

  • One of the best mini electric skateboards.
  • Reliable, durable, and waterproof.
  • Worth every single penny.
  • Attractive design.
  • Ideal safe ride to develop skills.
  • Some pieces make noise.
  • Battery life is a bit short.

8. Enskate Woboard Mini Electric Skateboard

Long Range Board with Remote Controller Powered Long Board

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Enskate
  • Material: 7 ply Northeastern Maple
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 30 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Load Capacity: 80 kg
  • Wheels: 75 x 51 mm PU wheels
Product Image

Enskate was established in 2017 but it has grown exponentially since its inception. The superior quality and constant innovation resulted in the place that it holds today. Not just one but two products of Enskate were good enough to be on this list of best mini electrical skateboards.

This mini electric skateboard is just 4.8 kgs, which is similar to a traditional skateboard. This is very lighter than the electric skateboards and is very easy to carry around whether under your arm or in your backpack. The deck is sturdy yet flexible and can bear up a load of a maximum of 80 kgs. It allows you to pull all the tricks you have in your bag and want to express it.

If you are a thrilling person and want to skate the fastest electric skateboards out there, here’s the list of top 10 fastest electric skateboards.

The remote controller is a wireless one with a range of 10 meters so you have control over everything for a long-range. The screen display has an LED light to remind you of the power consumption and battery capacity. The medium-sized PU wheels are shock absorbent and 85A hard on the durometer so the shocks and sudden jerks are absorbed by the wheels and allow a smooth ride.

  • Traditional electric skateboard.
  • Great balance.
  • LED lights on the remote inform about power consumption.
  • Heavy board

9. SAY YEAH Electric Skateboard

100W Motor Mini Standard Board for Youth,10MPH Top Speed Cruise Motorized Longboard for Girls and Boys with Wireless Handheld Remote Control

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Say Yeah
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 29.7 x 11 x 6.3inch
  • Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Top speed: 15 MPH
  • Load Capacity: 130 lbs
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Motors: 100W
  • Battery: 9 Ah battery
Product Image

SAY YEAH Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for the best electric skateboarding experience to conquer your local skateboard park or cruise the neighborhood, this board is for you. Perfect board for short distance traveling like cruising the campus, going to school, or discovering the city.

This e-board is controlled via a wireless,  handheld remote control that keeps you in charge of acceleration and deceleration. The skateboard has an integrated antilock braking technology so you can stop safely at the slightest command. The materials used are of high quality and reliable for a strong product that does not wear off very quickly.

SY 100 is the short name for this mini electric skateboard. It is easy to pack and easy to carry as it is only 8 kgs in weight and can take a max load of up to 130 lbs. It is the best gift whether for a birthday, Christmas or thanksgiving as it is a fun product that is very affordable. Additionally, it is shipped fully assembled so you are saved from the time and hassle of the assembly.

  • Great and fast board.
  • Comfortable control.
  • Awesome product for the money.
  • Very slow board.
  • Quite heavy.

10. LMM Youth Mini Electric Skateboard

300W Motors School Skateboard 7 Layers Maple with Remote Control 15Km / H Maximum Speed 10°Climbing Capacity Four Wheel Long Board (Color: Blue)

Product Specifications
  • Brand: LMM
  • Material: 7 ply Northeastern Maple
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 10.5 x 6.7 inches
  • Weight: 10.5 Pounds
  • Top speed: 15 km/h
  • Load Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Range: 6-8 km
  • Uphill Gradient: 10 degrees
  • Motors: 300W
  • Battery: 2.2 Ah Lithium battery
  • Wheels: 72 x 51 mm PU wheels
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
Product Image

LMM Youth Mini Electric Skateboard

This mini electric skateboard has a unique shape that provides a responsive and comfortable platform to balance on. This one comes with a rechargeable wireless remote controller that allows you to move forward, brake, and switch speed with ease. The battery indicator is of conventional design that makes sure that you are always aware of the battery capacity and range.

You can go very fast with this electric skateboard as it does not slow you down. You can go up to 15km/h with this board which is a very high speed for a mini electric skateboard. The brushless hub motor is powered by a 2.2 Ah lithium battery that is charged fully in just 2 hours. 

The strong 7 ply northeast maple longboard is durable, safe, and reliable. It can support a maximum weight of up to 220 lbs and is not a cheap quality board so you can rely on the sturdy product. The shock-absorbing PU wheels ensure high speed at all sorts of terrain, this makes sure that there is no stopping you even on unsuitable and non-familiar ground.

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Best Mini Electric Skateboard 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

With the increasing popularity of electric skateboards, the market is coming up with newer technologies to make their products stand out. New models are being introduced every few months and so much thought and precision is going into these models that it is hard to define which one is the best and which is not. Finding the one that is perfect for you can be a bit tricky and you need to have a checklist to go.

If you are interested, you can read our reviews on best electric skateboard under $500.

If you go through this buying guide then your chances to get the best mini electric skateboard is very high. You have to consider a few major factors before you can decide on a product. We suggest that you make a priority list, this way you know which features you can compromise on and which not. Anyway, here are the most fundamental dos and do not’s when you buy a mini electrical skateboard.

Urban Ride Friendly

If you travel a lot on urban transport then the biggest factor to consider a mini electric skateboard that is very easy to carry on a train, bus, or even trams. Bringing a huge and bulky electric skateboard can be inconvenient for and other passengers as well. In rush hours it is hard enough for a person to get space in the subway rather than add a skateboard to it. So make sure that you get a skateboard that you can easily carry around or just toss in your backpack whenever you have to change a commute.


Electric skateboards are equipped with a motor that reduces the human effort considerably but that means weight addition. A mini electric skateboard should not just be smaller in size but lightweight also. The weight of any skateboard is contributed by the battery, motor, deck, and wheels. The best advice is to compare different mini electric skateboards in the market and go for the one that provides you high-quality sturdy material in the least weight.


When you go for a mini electric skateboard, it is a fact that you won’t have space for a big battery so you won’t get the highest range. However, go for an efficient and high-quality battery so you have a long life. You might need to compromise on the capacity but do not compromise on the quality.

Another factor is to assess the area you plan on traveling with your mini electric skateboard. Go for a covered battery and with high voltage and power output. It decides how longboard can go with each charge. Also, opt for rechargeable and reusable battery so if it is damaged you do not have to buy a new board altogether.


There are various motors available like dual motors, brushless motor. 4WD that are 4 motors but you just do not go with the maximum number of motors. More motors indeed mean more power but that also means more weight. Then you have to consider a belt or hub motor, below is a brief outline of both kinds

  • Belt drives: It is a belt that has the motor on the downside of an e-board. These are high performance i.e. fast acceleration and better ability to climb hills. You can also swap the wheels when changing routes. However, they need a lot of maintenance like it can break if you ride too hard on the board. It can also get damaged by gravels or grits on uneven, rough surfaces.
  • Hub motors: These are present inside the wheels and that why called in-hub or in-wheel motors. It affects your performance by a tad bit and you have very limited options for the wheels. Many companies are designing hub motors with replaceable wheels but that has just started. So basically you have to stick with the wheels that it comes with.


If you opt for a small board that means your tiny board and deck will need some decent wheels or you will be in for a terrible riding experience due to the vibrations. Big diameter PU wheels absorb shocks and protect the lower side of the board from being damaged by dirt or grit. The strength and stability of an e-board decide how fruitful your investment is. A rigid and sturdy board goes a long way and makes your money worth the buy.

Air Travel

There are quite some restrictions if you plan on air travel along with your mini electric skateboard. First off, the battery must not exceed 160 Watt-hours capacity if you want to be able to take on a flight with you. Next, a removable battery is highly advised so you can take it off and carry it as a regular power bank. Of course, it should be lightweight because you have limited space on planes for your luggage.

This guide is here to help you ease through the process of buying the best mini electric skateboard. Utilize this well and make a calculated judgment based on different factors. We have enlisted the most significant details that you must look into before purchasing so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you search the market, whether online or bricks and mortar, for a mini electric skateboard you can have a lot of questions. Even if you g through this article and the buying guide you might have some unanswered questions. Asking them from the customer support of manufacturers can take days in some cases and some might feel shy to ask very basic questions. We have compiled a list of most asked questions so you do not have to wander anywhere and you get all the answers you need in just one place.

1. Are mini electric skateboards good?

Mini electric skateboards are small and easy to control. Because of this feature, they are very easy to adapt to and are suggested as the best e-boards to learn on. Many big companies are manufacturing mini electric skateboards due to their increased demand. These are lightweight, portable, and more affordable than traditional skateboards so they are a very good product. Additionally, they are durable but not heavy at all so you can take them along everywhere.

2. Are electric skateboards worth the money?

Investing in a 2000 V power skateboard is certainly worth it but you have to consider some other aspects. The thing with skateboards is that you need to make them worth it. For example, choose bamboo over plastic and use PU and rigid wheels instead of the regular wheels, etc. The amount you use it and the time being for which you use it and the terrain that you travel it on also have the most say in increasing or decreasing the life of your electric skateboard.

3. Are mini skateboards hard to ride?

Mini skateboards have a steeper curve because of the small size but that is what makes them easy to control. It can be hard to balance yourself on them because of the limited space but once you get a hang of it, you will only ride the mini electric skateboards. They are very popular because of all the features of a traditional longboard they provide in a smaller size.

4. How do the brakes work/ Can I rely on the remote for brakes?

It is quite easy to break on an e-board, execution needs some pratic though especially at high speeds. You just need to push the trigger on the remote control backward but slowly, not all at once. Rapid brakes will cause your weight to shift forward resulting in falling off the board.

The best way is to shift your weight on the back legs as soon as you prepare to break. This will give you enough momentum to stay on the board when you brake. You can completely rely on the remotes as they are designed by the companies to control the e-board.

5. Do mini electric skateboards vibrate a lot that they alter your stability?

There are a few things to consider to answer this question. First of all, if you travel on pavements and smooth surfaces there is no worry about vibration or losing stability. Bumpy roads or uneven terrain can cause an issue of vibration but if you choose a mini electric skateboard that has smooth, large-diameter wheels, you can overcome the issue. In the extremely uneven ground, it is advised not to ride any electric skateboard as it can not only be dangerous for you but also can damage the board beyond repair.

6. Can I use my electric skateboard to perform tricks?

Electric skateboards are made for cruising and enjoying the beauty of the ride. The tricks that you can pull off with a normal skateboard are not advised to perform with an electric skateboard. The bearings battery and the motors have a high risk to be damaged as they are present under the skateboard. However, a few electric skateboards are designed to give you the freedom of a traditional skateboard but these are very few.

Final Verdict

We hope that you like reading the article as we have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible for any beginner or an expert. We have compiled reviews and ratings from customers so you know what is the worth of these products as per the customers. The buying guide and FAQs are there to lead you through any confusion and queries and land you on the best mini electric skateboard that is just right for you. We have given you all we can so go ahead and happy shopping!

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