Best Electric Skateboard under $500 in 2021 – Top 10 Reviewed

It is pretty easy to find an electric skateboard without going bankrupt or breaking your bonds. With this article, we bring you all you need to find the best electric skateboards under 500 boards. All you need to keep in mind is that you have to balance affordability and functionality and you are good to go. The electric skateboards that are under or up to 500$ fall in the mid-tier range, more precisely touching the cheaper price range.


Best Choice
Teamgee H5 37″

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High End

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Best Value
UrbanPro Version 11

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You can find a few of the most powerful skateboards manufactured by some very reputable brands. Now the question arises that what does a few extra hundred bucks get you that these don’t? Honestly, nothing! so do not waste money on expensive products when you can get all that you need in an affordable range. Without any further ado, enlisted below are the best electric skateboards under 500 with a never seen before buyers guide and FAQs.

SKATEBOLT Electric SkateboardSKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard - Best Choice
Teamgee H5 37 Electric SkateboardTeamgee H5 37 Electric Skateboard - Best Choice
Blitzart 38 Hurricane Electric LongboardBlitzart 38 Hurricane Electric Longboard - Best Choice
Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric SkateboardSwagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard
Nesaila 28inch Electric SkateboardNesaila 28inch Electric Skateboard
MBS Colt 90X MountainboardMBS Colt 90X Mountainboard
VOKUL V1 Electric SkateboardVOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard
Elos Skateboard Complete LightweightElos Skateboard Complete Lightweight
WOOKRAYS Electric SkateboardWOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboards under $500 of 2021

Still not convinced about the best electric skateboard under $500 of 2021, follow our extensive list below, complete with a skateboard for every kind of use! The top electric skateboards are all here.

Best Electric Skateboard under $500
Best Electric Skateboard under $500

1. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

Longboard with Remote Controller, 25 MPH Top Speed, 18.6 Miles Max Range, Dual Motors, 8 Layers Maple with Updated Board – 2nd Generation

Product Specifications
  • Brand: SKATEBOLT
  • Material: 8 ply northeast maple
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 38 x 9.4 x 5.5 Inch
  • Top speed: 25 MPH
  • Load capacity: 280 lbs
  • Range: 18.6 miles
  • Wheel Diameter: 90 mm
  • Uphill Gradient: 25%
  • Battery: 7500 mAh
  • Motors: Dual motors
Product Image

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

SKATEBOLT is an electric skateboard company that was established in 2016. Their main goal is to provide affordable, safe, and convenient skateboards. A lot of effort is put in the new generation skateboards so that it is free from the most commonly faced problems. They have dedication and quality that manages a great E-boarding experience.

This second-generation electric skateboard is a fast and efficient electric skateboard that is improved from its counterparts. It is called the tornado II with an upgraded 7500 mAh battery so you can keep on cruising for 21-24 miles in medium mode. The dual motors increase the range up to 26 MPH and have the strength to climb a 25% steep hill. Furthermore, you get 6-month after-sale services for the skateboard.

They have an after-sale center in LA where you can have access to their engineers for any support. Tornado II is EMC, FCC, LVD and ROHS approved so you can shop with confidence. The skateboard has safety taillights so you can safely ride on a dark street and they issue warning red light to warn any vehicles behind when you hold the brake.

The wireless remote with an LCD screen is there for you to monitor your speed and directions. The remote also records the range you rode for one battery charge you can track the battery capacity a well. You can also access the tail light control with the help of the remote. It offers cruise control, this means that by pressing the LED button while cruising you can cruise at a constant speed. It is one of the most affordable skateboards in the market.

  • Fast board with a nice shape.
  • Very easy to make turns, sharp or soft.
  • Solid smooth ride.
  • You can ride up quite some steep hills.
  • The board itself is very heavy.
  • No replacement parts are available.

2. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

22 MPH Top Speed, 760W Dual Motor, 11 Miles Range, 14.5 Lbs, 10 Layers Maple Longboard with Wireless Remote Control

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Taemgee
  • Material: 10 ply maple and 1 ply fiberglass
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 37.99 x 8.46 x 5.91 inches; 14.6 lbs
  • Top speed: 22 MPH
  • Load capacity: 200 lbs
  • Range: 11 miles
  • Charging time: 2 hrs
  • Modes: 4 modes of speed and brake
  • Waterproof: IP54
  • Motors: 2 motors, each 360 W
Product Image

Teamgee H5 37 Electric Skateboard

In the form of H5, Teamgee has successfully presented the thinnest electrical skateboard in the market. The H5 E-skateboard has an ultrathin deck that is 15-20 mm lower to the ground than most skateboards. The deck offers comfortable and easy turns due to the concave design and the lower to ground style provides you stability.

You must be wondering that the battery must not go with the thin deck but it has a hidden battery. The battery is hidden inside the board complementing the thin design, just like a traditional skateboard. It has a durable high-speed motor of 760W.

Once you start up the board and turn on fast mode, you can reach up to 22 MPH pretty quickly. You get to enjoy a speedy experience, thanks to the high-speed motor rotation. The wheels are PU that gives you high stability, gravity distribution, and excellent grip. This makes you secure through challenging actions.

Not sure which skateboard to buy, check out our best electric skateboards of 2021.

As for the remote control, it has a visual system design, and honestly, that is the best feature of this board. It allows you to monitor the status of your E- skateboard at just a glance. Additionally, the headlight design allows you to skate safely in darks hours.

Teamgee H5 is top on the list because it is one of the best rated electric longboards under 500  in town. It is perfect for short commutes whether you have to run an errand or just cruise around the campus. The key features of the H5 are as follows.

  • Beautiful design
  • Viable alternate for local transport
  • For all sorts of surfaces, flat or slope.
  • Safety issues
  • Not very durable

3. Blitzart 38″ Electric Longboard Skateboard

18mph 350w brushless Motor

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Blitzart
  • Material: 7 ply maple and 2- ply bamboo
  • Color: Black (different color wheels)
  • Top speed: 18 MPH
  • Load capacity: 250 lbs
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Charging time: 2.5 hrs
  • Modes: 2 modes of speed (beginners and advanced)
  • Battery: 36 V/ 4.4 Ah
  • Motor: 350 W brushless motor
Product Image

Blitzart 38 Hurricane Electric Longboard

The company is located in southern California and the main inspiration for them is the simplicity of the skateboarding life. They long to bring you the freedom of surfing with their electric skateboards. They strive to bring you high-quality designs providing comfort and flexibility to the rider. You will have to test their boards so you will understand what they claim is true.

This electric longboard has a 6 layered maple deck sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo so you get the flexibility and strength. The concave deck is also layered with grip tape to keep the rider’s feet firmly in place without fear of slip and disbalance. It saves you the hassle of assembly as it is shipped fully assembled so you can just take it out of the box and hit the streets.

The wireless remote is easy to hold and controls speeding up, slowing down, and reverse capability. It also has a hold option so you can get on or off the board with ease, it comes with a wrist strap and is rechargeable. The 350 W brushless hub motor is way quieter and less problematic than the belt motors. It is also way easier to kick a board like a regular one when it is equipped with a hub motor. It is one of the most affordable electric skateboards you can get your hands on.

  • Fast and quite longboard with long battery life.
  • Excellent value board that is worth the money.
  • Great customer service that cares for the customers.
  • The hardware can get rusty in rain.
  • The remotes disconnect form the board within months of use.

4. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote

Longboard Single Hub Motor, Light Weight 7.94LBS, Top Speed 12.4MPH, Range 6.2 Miles, for Teens and Students(Upgraded Version)

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Hiboy
  • Material: Wood, plastic, and aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 30 x 8.3 x 4.4 In
  • Top speed: 12.4 MPH
  • Load capacity: 180 lbs
  • Range: 6.8 miles
  • Weight: 7.94 lbs
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Modes: 4 modes for speed and brake
  • Battery: 25.2 V/ 2.2Ah
  • Motors: 350 W single hub motor
Product Image

The Hiboy S11 electric board is one of the best electric skateboards under 500 boards. It is affordable, fun, and easy, the design is generated keeping teens in minds hence the description in the title. It is different from every other high-performance electric skateboard as it is a joyful ride which is very easy to handle. It is the best board you can own to cruise around town or take to your school.

The Hiboy S11electric skateboard has been crafted from upgraded technology. This means that the material used in the manufacturing is sturdy yet they do not make the board heavy. It is very lightweight i.e. only 8 pounds of weight but that does not mean that is an unstable ride. It is a very stable, lightweight board that makes riding and turning very smooth. This high tech e-board is very cheap and affordable.

If you are a thrilling person and want to skate the fastest electric skateboards out there, here’s the list of top 10 fastest electric skateboards.

The S11 is equipped with a single but powerful hub motor that provides a steady and streamlined power. The top speed of the board is 12.4 MPH miles and it can range up to 6.2 miles with a single battery charge. The board also offers 4 modes of each brake and speed that is just an exclusive feature of the Hiboy electric skateboards. This gives you the ease and control of brake even at the slightest hint.

  • A decent product with great customer service.
  • Perfect top speed for beginners.
  • Can take weight up to 210 lbs.
  • Various modes of speed let you choose the one you are most comfortable with.
  • Cannot go up the slightest of hills.
  • Trucks are loose and can come off really quick.

5. Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

for Kids, Teens | Kick-Assist A.I. Smart Sensors | Mini E-Cruiser Skateboard w/Move-More/Endless Mode | 9” Deck 72mm Wheels (NG-3)

Product Specifications
  • Brand: SwagTron
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: Black with a vibrant yellow logo
  • Dimensions: 19.6 x 8.85 x 5.31 In
  • Top speed: 9.3 MPH
  • Load capacity: 150 lbs
  • Range: 4-6 miles
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Battery: 16.8 V/ 2Ah
  • Motors: 100 W
Product Image

Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard

The Swagskate NG3 is a vibrant and electrifying ride for youth and fun-loving people. This electric skateboard is overhauled and scaled own so you have a balanced ride with comfort and full control. It has a high-performance deck that can bear up to 180 lbs of weight. The deck is very flexible and shock absorbant so you do not have to worry about those bumpy rides.

This gives you the joy of riding a traditional skateboard but with an electrical twist. It is the best ride for you if you are a sucker for scenery and beauty as it is not about the speed and flash but about the experience itself. This board is designed by keeping the human feel in mind. It means that the board relies on you to move.

It is termed as the push assist electric skateboard because the intelligently placed sensors detect your presence on the board. As soon as you start to move,  the Move-More technology locks in your speed and can be taken as high as 9.3 MPH. So ride longer and farther with fewer kicks in endless mode. People seem to love it and many have named it the best cheap electric skateboard for a 100$ to have.

  • Kick assist works well on a flat straight surface.
  • Cool board under 100 only.
  • Easy e-board with long battery life.
  • Brakes are not coordinated with a kick.
  • Too dangerous.

6. Nesaila 28inch Electric Skateboard

20 KM/H Top Speed, 350W Singal Motor,7 Layers Maple Longboard Skateboard with Wireless Remote Complete Cruiser for Adults and Youths

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Nesaila
  • Material: Maple wood
  • Color: Cool black
  • Dimensions: 27.5×8.7×5.5 inch
  • Load capacity: 2200 lbs
  • Range: 20 km/hour
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Battery: 29.4V /2000 mAh
  • Motors: 350 W
Product Image

Nesaila 28inch Electric Skateboard

The motto of Nesaila is that “we build what you want to ride, our boards are as good to ride as they are to look”. Neilsa e-boards are different than the other e-boards because they are easier to ride than the standard ones. They have an excellent speed and long-range which makes it ideal not just for short commutes but longer ones too. It has a reverse capability that means you can easily reverse the board with the remote control.

The 2.4 G wireless remote also controls the speed, modes, and brakes. It has 4 LED indicators so you can conveniently travel for longer distance with all the controls in your hand that keeps you informed as well. It also has a button for cruise control which means that by pressing that button you can travel at the same speed for as long as the battery lasts. The range of the remote can reach up to 14 M. It is a few of the best yet cheapest e-boards available in the market.

It is a very lightweight, easy to carry and ride e-board that is the best gift you can give anyone. It has multiple features at an affordable price so it is among the best electric skateboards under 400. The sturdy maple deck is not just a strong but also provides slip resistance due to its waterproof and antislip nature. The PU wheels and strong hub motor makes it long-lasting and durable.

  • All the qualities of an elite board under 400.
  • A slip-resistant board provides excessive grip.
  • Brake coordination is fantastic.
  • Great balance.
  • Charging is a huge issue, battery life not long.
  • Takes forever to deliver.

7. MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard


Product Specifications
  • Brand: MBS
  • Material: Maple-lam
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimensions: 47.24 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches
  • Load capacity: 2200 lbs
  • Weight: 15.8 lbs
  • Wheels: T1 rebound rubber
  • Axle: 12mm
  • Trucks: ATS 12
Product Image

MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard

MBS mountainboards is a company based in Colorado and is functioning since 1993. The colt 90X is the best skateboard you can have for yourself or any beginner around you. It is delivered fully assembled and equipped, what’s most striking though is the unparalleled brake system that gives thousands of entry-level mountain boarders the confidence to slay the sport of skateboarding.

MBS is a staunch supporter of innovation and upgrading, hence every year the mountain boards are upscaled and improved. This year’s innovation of colt 90X is better than before with genuine MBS T1 tires. These tires have a high-rebound rubber material making the mountainboard twice as fast as its previous versions. Additionally, the new wheels have five-star hubs to ensure high power output.

The axles have also been upgraded from 9.5 to 12 mm to match the diameter of the matrix axles. Another improvement is the compatibility of the new version with the old ones so you can easily upgrade the trucks or hubs whenever you feel the need to. The Velcro steps are also there to securely fit your feet for safe, carefree riding experience. All these features are at your disposal for only 289$ so easily this one fits as the best-priced budget e-boards of all time.

  • Thick and fast wheels for all sorts of terrains.
  • Can bear up to 240 lbs, strong board.
  • Nice flex and solid cut when going downhill.
  • The breaks don’t work.
  • Super slow coasting so need to keep kicking.

8. VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser

10 Miles Max Range | 13 MPH Top Speed | 350W Hub Motor | Recommended Max Load 200 Lbs | PU Wheel 70×51 mm Grey | 7 Ply Maple Deck | 4.4Ah Lithium Battery

Product Specifications
  • Brand: VOKUL
  • Material: 7 ply maple
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: 750mm × 240mm × 180mm
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Top speed: 13 MPH
  • Load capacity: 200 lbs
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Modes: 3 modes of speed
  • Battery: 4.4 Ah
  • Motor: 350 W brushless motor
  • Gradeability: 10 degrees
Product Image

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard

With the growing popularization of the electrical skateboards, more and more manufacturers are coming into the market. These brands are not just new but also have very expensive e-boards. They offer you various sorts of technologies and accessorize but most of them are just ripping you off. To save you from being conned we brought you the best electric skateboards under 500 boards.

The VOKUL V1 electric skateboard is one of the most cost-effective products with exceptional quality. You get top-notch performance at a very reasonable rate and have a product that is in no way any less than its competitors. It has a maximum speed of 13 MPH and goes up to 10 miles just with a single charge. The hub motor is quite powerful and can conquer a variety of terrains including hills.

Looking for the top end best electric skateboards under $1000, look no further, we have written an extensive guide here.

The brake system is called a regenerative braking system which restores the energy and extends the battery life. The rider-friendly remote gives you total control over the board with 3 levels of speed as which you can select based on your expertise. Another plus is the warranty of 6 months that covers all sorts of manufacturing defects. Now you know why V1 made into the list as it is one of the best cheapest electric skateboards.

  • The coolest board you will ever own.
  • Feels very natural and gives you the feel of a traditional longboard.
  • Battery life is very strong, not even a single bar drops even after 10-15 minutes of cruising.
  • Lightweight board, very easy to use.
  • The trucks come in loose, you have to tighten them before use.
  • The connection of the remote to the board keeps disconnecting.

9. Elos Skateboard Complete Lightweight

Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard Built for Beginners and Urban commuters. Wide and Stable Skateboard Deck. Non-Electric. Campus Board

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Elos
  • Material: Maple
  • Color: Charcol Black
  • Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 4.6 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Wheels: 72 mm large and soft wheels
Product Image

Elos Skateboard Complete Lightweight

Weighing only 4 pounds this mini electric skateboard is ultra-portable and can be carried anywhere with ease. The deck is extra-wide which makes the e-boards upper stable and user-friendly even if you are a beginner. If you are worried that you are a pro and this might hold you back, think again, this board helps you make sharp corners like breeze.

This particular electric skateboard has a low center of gravity and thick yet soft wheels so you can cruise like never before. The wheels also make riding smooth around the neighborhood or even around parks. The anti-scratch coating protects your shoes and clothing, Built-in reflective trucks allow you to ride carefree day and night. Additionally, the compact design means that you can keep it in the car, put it in your backpack, or just carry it along.

All these properties fit this board right in your lifestyle at such a low price. It also has a unique laser engraved QR code that can be scanned by any QR scanner. So you register your e-board, claim ownership, watch riding tutorials, and catch up with the customer support to avail the year-long warranty. It is easily one of the best electric skateboards under 400.

  • Light, fast, and stable.
  • Cutout PU wheels add style.
  • Best budget board for beginners and/ or pros.
  • High-quality e-board with a long warranty.
  • Does not have much grip on the deck.
  • Replacements not available.

10. WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control

350W, Max 20KM/H 7 Layers Maple E-Skateboard, 3 Speed Adjustment for Adult, Teens, and Kids

Product Specifications
  • Brand: WOOKRAYS
  • Material: 7 ply maple
  • Color: 2 colors (black and orange) with an aesthetic art design
  • Dimensions: 25.4 x 6.8 x 5.5inch
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 176 lbs
  • Top speed: 12.4 MPH
  • Wheels: 70mm x 51 mm 80A PU wheels
  • Range: 8 Km
  • Modes: 3 modes of speed (Beginner, Medium and Advanced)
  • Battery: 29.4 V/ 2200 mAh
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Motor: 350 W brushless motor
Product Image

WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard

Wookrays believe that skateboarding is not just a hobby or a kind of sport, it is a passion and attitude towards life. Their goal is to make skateboards and share the passion, they use quality material and innovative designs for their skateboards. The rock hard 7 layered maple deck is flexible, stable, and durable. It can withstand stamping impacts and collisions without causing any deformation.

The 2.4 GHz wireless remote controls forward, reverse, brake and acceleration and stays connected over 14 m distance. It also has LED indicators that keep you informed about the battery range and capacity. The 350W hub motor has 3 modes of speed which are low, medium, and high for all sorts of riders from beginners to advanced. Aren’t you surprised that you can get this one for 170$, quite cheap e-board?

The lithium battery can be fully charged in 2 hours and lasts up to 8 Km, however, make sure that you neither overcharge it nor leave it discharged for very long. This electric skateboard is very easy to use and learn. The PU wheels ensure a smooth ride even on bumpy surfaces and the kick-tail concave design provides you added control so you can glide through any street regardless of your skill level.

  • Ideal electric skateboard for teenagers.
  • It is quite fast and easy to use.
  • Remote connects seamlessly over a long distance.
  • The color and design of the board are very cool.
  • Won’t charge after first use.
  • Customer service won’t respond.

Best Electric Skateboard under $500 – Buyer’s Guide

People generally avoid brands if they are looking forward to saving money. However, to get high tech and super functional product somewhat cost is justified as the cutting edge technology does not come without expenditure. Numerous features help you determine the cost of an e-board, with this buying guide we will help you on how to assess the different components of an e-board.

Furthermore, we will address how they contribute to the overall cost. We bring you here a list of pros and cons, to be specific, we are providing you certain checks to assess any product based on its merits and demerits before you buy it. This way you can scrutinize any product as per your requirement and then make a correct purchase.

Brand Reliability

This might seem off because trusted and established brands can be freakishly expensive but read again. The heading says reliable brands, not top-notch market-leading skateboard manufacturers. You need to choose a brand that s reliable and has some market value. They do not need to be necessarily the most elite ones but just the ones that provide budget-friendly lines with quality materials.

SKATEBOLT, Teamgee, BLITZART, and ELOS are a few of the companies present in the list above. These are more or less established brands in manufacturing electric skateboards. They are all about riders and their experiences at the most affordable prices. They also keep innovating their products with the latest technology and have proper aftersale centers in many cities so a good and reliable brand makes your purchase fruitful.


This is evident by the previous point but we need to separately emphasize it. Quality means that you should keep in mind that every feature in the built must be of strong yet flexible type. The topmost thing is the deck, check the material used in the deck and the number of layers then choose a deck depending upon your requirement. Glass fiber and maple give you flexibility and control while the bamboo frame is the strongest one.

Another thing to consider s the motor, find out the type of motor and its power output as this will decide your speed and range. The bearings under the board and the trucks must also be very strong or the slightest uneven surface can loosen them or even cause these to fall off. Finally, see the wheel type and material, it also adds up to the life of the board.

Warranty and Aftersales service

You must always consider a product that offers a good warranty. It is seen in many cases that sometimes people get delivered refurbished products or even used board. If you have a warranty, it covers your damage and distress for some time. Also if you are a beginner, you might hurt yourself and the board while you learn. With a warranty, you have the satisfaction that it will be covered.

A safe and fruitful investment means that you get a product that offers a good warranty and after-sales service. You might think that once you buy the board you won’t need the company of service but you will realize that you need it the most. For extended batteries, replacements, and servicing to technicalities like control and connection you will need the after-sale service and the customer cares so choose wisely.

Battery Capacity

Battey size and quality are the greatest indicators of performance, it is so especially if you travel on long commutes. A bigger battery comes with more benefits, the first and most obvious one is that it allows you to travel long distances with a single charge. So you do not need to keep recharging the battery after every ride. This is a necessity for people who travel to work or school and back, you do not want the battery draining out in half the route.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not need a very high power battery. It should just be enough to take a load off your board without overpowering it and big batteries are not allowed on the planes as well. So if you ride an e-board casually and just around the town, a small battery is good enough but if you have a longer commute and you do not carry your e-board when traveling, a big battery it is.


The specifications include speed, range, load capacity, and dimensions of the electric skateboard. You have to enlist your requirements and then select an e-board that meets that criteria. In the list above you will find boards that have a top speed of 25 MPH and others have that of 16 MPH, similarly, the range also varies.

You need to define your commute and then decide what range and speed would be ideal. It is best to choose a product that offers multiple modes of speed so if you learn fast and become an expert you do not need to buy a new one. Additionally, select the board that is compatible with your body weight, that is why the load capacity of the products is also mentioned.

Finally, the last aspect is the dimension, this is the length, width, and height of the board from the ground. This tells you how much space you have on the board and how low is the center of gravity for a balanced and smooth riding experience.

So make a checklist before the purchase and whenever you want to buy a product start crossing things off that list. The one that has maximum crosses means it has the most features that you are looking for and selects that one. Also, consider what are the things that can be compromised on and what things are a must, this one of a kind buyers guide will be of immense help when you buy an electric skateboard for under 500$.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of us have fun-filled memories of skateboards from our childhoods. They make us experience the nostalgia of summer days and sliding through the town. With the latest technology, skateboards are now e-boards so you can have more efficiency and more fun.

However, with new technology, many people have certain questions that they need answers to. We have compiled the most commonly asked questions to assemble all the queries in one place so you do not have to search for different articles or blogs for the precise answers.

1. Are mid-range electric skateboards suited for professionals?

First, you have to define what professionalism is for you. Generally speaking, mid-range electric skateboards have the most cutting edge technology that will allow you to perform as many tricks as possible. The LED lights, the concave deck, and strong trucks let you pull a trick or two, you can also conquer skate tracks with these.

2. What is the purpose of LED lights in skateboards?

LEDs are useful in more than one way,  first, they are used to monitor battery range, speed, and battery capacity of the skateboard. Secondly, they contribute towards safety by illuminating the board during the night, it also lightens up the roads in front to improve visibility. Lastly, the taillights light up when you press brake so the cars behind know your presence. The illumination also helps avoid any immediate obstacles.

Since we are talking about the speed , check out top 10 list of best mini electric skateboards.

3. What is the range of mid-range electric skateboards?

With the ever-changing market, it is hard to say an exact number. Every passing day redefines the boundaries so there is no way to predict an exact figure. Anyways, between 12-20, all products are considered as mid-range electric skateboards.

If you are on budget and looking for some cheap alternatives, here you can find the best cheap electric skateboards.

4. Are electric skateboards worth the money?

Investing in a 2000 V power skateboard is certainly worth it but you have to consider some other aspects. The thing with skateboards is that you need to make them worth it. For example, choose bamboo over plastic and use PU and rigid wheels instead of the regular wheels, etc. The amount you use it and the time being for which you use it and the terrain that you travel it on also have the most say in increasing or decreasing the life of your electric skateboard.

Final Verdict

To summarize it all, never compromise on the quality of the product as it might seem the cheap option but it will cause you too much in the long run. Many online bloggers suggest that extra money will get you extra benefits and charms but do consider the low price ranged products first. Make a list of pros and cons and spare no detail. This will be the most beneficial step you can take to get the best electric skateboards under 500 boards.

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