Best Electric Skateboards Reviews 2021 – Top 10 List + Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of being stuck in traffic every other day? What if I told you that you can have an alternative way of commute where you can glide to work or school. No kidding, you can skate through town, avoiding traffic while whistling to your favorite tune. Electric stake boards are legit fun for the inhabitants of the city providing alternative transportation as well.

You might say how can a skateboard keep up with the city traffic. However, electric skateboards are not just ordinary skateboards, they are one of the most efficient ways to ride in a city. As per, electric skateboards give the rider power to keep up with the city traffic, speed up to hills, and a gentle breakdown. It is not easy to buy the best electric skateboard.

This means that electric skateboards are as efficient as your car to swoop you through the traffic. Own one now so you have a real classy ride that makes you look cool. Electric skateboards have gained increased popularity in recent times. New companies pop up around every corner with the latest technologies.


Best Choice
Teamgee H5 37″

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High End

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Best Value
UrbanPro Version 11

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The innovations and new gear is advancing like craziness, and it’s great. However, they can be confusing for many riders as well. Each rider has their requirements for an electric skateboard, and to find the one that is perfect for you is a hectic task.

Do not worry! We bring you Best Skateboards for 2021 declared by actual reviews and a buying guide like never seen before.

ProductNameRangeTop Speed Price
Teamgee H5 37/Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard - Best Choice
11 Miles15 MPH
SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze IISKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II - Best Choice
Urbanpro Electric SkateboardUrbanpro Electric Skateboard - Best Choice
Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric SkateboardAlouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard
Atom LongboardsAtom Longboards
MBS Comp 95 MountainboardMBS Comp 95 Mountainboard
Motion 38 Inches Electric SkateboardMotion 38 Inches Electric Skateboard
SagaPlay Electric SkateboardSagaPlay Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard 2021

Still not convinced about the best electric skateboard 2021, follow our extensive list below, complete with a skateboard for every kind of use! The top electric skateboards are all here.

Best Electric Skateboards
Best Electric Skateboards

1. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

22 MPH Top Speed, 760W Dual Motor, 11 Miles Range, 14.5 Lbs., 10 Layers Maple Longboard with Wireless Remote Control

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Taemgee
  • Material: 10 ply maple and 1 ply fiberglass
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 37.99 x 8.46 x 5.91 inches; 14.6 lbs
  • Top speed: 22 MPH
  • Load capacity: 200 lbs
  • Range: 11 miles
  • Charging time: 2 hrs
  • Modes: 4 modes of speed and brake
  • Waterproof: IP54
  • Motors: 2 motors, each 360 W
Product Image

Teamgee H5 37 Electric Skateboard

In the form of H5, Teamgee has successfully presented the thinnest electrical skateboard in the market. The H5 E-skateboard has an ultrathin deck 15-20 mm lower to the ground than most skateboards. The deck offers comfortable and easy turns due to the concave design, and the lower to ground style provides you stability.

You must be wondering that the battery must not go with the thin deck, but it has a hidden battery. The battery is hidden inside the board, complementing the slim design, just like a traditional skateboard. It has a durable high-speed motor of 760W.

Once you start up the board and turn on fast mode, you can reach up to 22 MPH pretty quickly. You get to enjoy a speedy experience, thanks to the high-speed motor rotation. The wheels are PU that gives you high stability, gravity distribution, and excellent grip; this makes you secure through challenging actions.

The remote control has a visual system design, and honestly, that is the best feature of this board. It allows you to monitor the status of your E- skateboard at just a glance. Additionally, the headlight design will enable you to skate safely in darks hours.

Teamgee H5 is top on the list because it is one of the best electric skateboards in town. It is perfect for short commutes, whether you have to run an errand or just cruise around the campus. The key features of the H5 are as follows.

  • Beautiful design
  • Viable alternate for local transport
  • For all sorts of surfaces, flat or slope
  • Not very durable
  • Safety issues

2. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II Electric Longboard

28 MPH Top speed, 15 Miles Range, Dual 350 W Motors, 30% Climbing Capacity, Glassfiber & Bamboo Deck Electronic Longboard with Remote Control

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Skatebolt
  • Material: Bamboo and Glass fiber
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 39 x 9 x 5 inches; 32 Pounds
  • Top speed: 28 MPH
  • Load capacity: 264 lbs
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Modes: 4 modes of speed
  • Wheel Size: 100 cm
  • Motors: 2 motors, each 350 W
Product Image

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

SKATEBOLT is an electric skateboard company that was established in 2016. Their main goal is to provide affordable, safe, and convenient skateboards. A lot of effort is put in the new generation skateboards so that it is free from the most commonly faced problems. They have dedication and quality that manages a great E-boarding experience.

Breeze II is a fast and efficient electric skateboard that is improved from its counterparts. The most common trouble reported from e-boards is water damage so breeze II is highly water-resistant. This means that you can glide your way through rain, mud, and puddles.

Furthermore, you get 6-month after-sale services for the skateboard. They have an after-sale center in LA where you can have access to their engineers for any support. Now lest move on to different parts. Firstly it has replaceable motors so if the outer layer is damaged or wears out you change just that without replacing the whole motor.

The wireless remote with an LCD screen is there for you to monitor your speed and directions. The remote also records the range you rode for one battery charge you can track the battery capacity a well. It offers cruise control, this means that by pressing the LED button while cruising you can cruise at a constant speed.

  • Great balance and very fast
  • Replaceable battery and wheels
  • Can go up 30% hill grade
  • Waterproof
  • Varying levels of brake and speed
  • Even if it is under warranty a service fee is charged to repair the fault
  • The warranty process is not effective
  • Fixing cost is very high

3. Urbanpro Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

400W Brushless Motor Longboard, 20 MPH Top Speed, 10 Miles Range, 3 Speed Adjustment, Load up to 265 Lbs, 11 Layers Maple Longboard

Product Specifications
  • Brand: URBANPRO
  • Material: 11 ply Canadian maple and fiberglass
  • Dimensions: 39.75 x 13.25 x 6.5 inches; 21.05 Pounds
  • Top speed: 20 MPH
  • Load capacity: 265 lbs
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Charging time: 3 hrs (at rest)
  • Modes:3 modes of speed
  • Motors: 400W Torque Motor
Product Image

Urbanpro Electric Skateboard

Skateboards are not just an ordinary alternate to the daily commute. They bring you beautiful scenery, enjoyable ride, happy riding, and cool cruising. Urbanpro’s electric skateboard has the slogan cool and fun printed right on its deck, so get it now and begin your joyful journey.

First off, it has a multifunction remote, which makes the control simple and easy. It allows you to go forward and backward, change speed mode, and is fastest responsive to acceleration and brake. Let’s move on to the motor. It is a powerful, 400W motor that starts right up with the power button and can go up to 20 MPH in 5 seconds.

The brushless motor gives you high torque and allows you to conquer slopes with 20% more ease. The lithium battery is a strong one that gives you 10 miles range with every charge. The wheels are Polyurethane to provide you with a firm grip and gravity distribution to keep you balanced.

The deck is 11 layers of ply with 10 layers of maple and 1 layer of fiberglass to provide flexibility. It also has a non-slip plat to keep you balanced on the board. The width of the deck is 35 inches, giving you some free space on the board.

  • Excellent for beginners and experts
  • Easy to use, loads of fun
  • Affordable with numerous features
  • Perfectly speedy and sturdy
  • 3 hours charging time
  • Tires spin in high-speed mode
  • Remote keeps losing signal with board

4. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

Dual Motors 16 MPH 5.2 AH Lithium Battery Upgraded Electric Longboard with LCD Screen Remote

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Alouette
  • Material: 6 ply northwest maple and 1 bamboo
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 36.6 x 8.85 x 5.3 inches
  • Top speed: 16 MPH
  • Range: 12.41 miles
  • Max climk angle: 15°
  • Endurance: 9.3 miles (15 km)
  • Wheel Size and Material:PU, 83 mm
  • Motors: 2 motors
Product Image

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

This upgraded longboard with LCD screen remote seems a thing out of a sci-fi series. The LCD screen remote has a curvy design so you can carry it easily and it lets you monitor your moves. You can manage and observe the speed, range, remote capacity, battery capacity, and directions.

The phoenix ryders electric skateboard comes with dual motors that support high performance. You can speed up to 16 MPH. You must be wondering that the speed is not as high as most skateboards in this list. This is because the phoenix ryders feature cruise control, Let me put that in easier words.

If you are a thrilling person and want to skate the fastest electric skateboards out there, here’s the list of top 10 fastest electric skateboards.

This longboard has a fixed speed cruise mode, so when all you have to do is be on a specific speed and keep pressing on the LED. In this condition, the board automatically maintains the current speed without the need of pressing the accelerator. It has a maximum range of 12.4 miles in one charge.

The deck is very strong and is made up of 6 layers of northeast maple and 1 bamboo. It has a slight curve which along with the material provides stability and support and keeps your feet firmly on the board. Finally, it has a 6-month warranty and an after-sales service center that you can contact for replacement or repair.

  • Amazing power and thrust
  • Swiftly goes downhill without any issue
  • Faster than advertized
  • Brakes are very low quality, fail with speed
  • The package misses a few pieces of equipment

5. E-Lifing 37” Electric Skateboard – Dual Drive Motorized Longboard with Remote Controller

Max 15 Miles 23 Mph, On-Road Cruiser Board for Beginner & Pro, Smooth Brake and Quick Acceleration

Product Specifications
  • Brand: E-Lifing
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 37 x 10.5 x 5.1 inches; 15 lbs
  • Top speed: 12-23 MPH
  • Load capacity: 220 lbs
  • Range: 12-15 miles
  • Modes: 3 modes of speed
  • Motors: 2 motors, each 450 W
Product Image

The E-lifing electric skateboard is designed with extreme precision. Let me tell you, this is one skateboard that keeps in mind the scientific and reasonable allocation of battery output. Let me put it in simpler words: the battery output can maximize the power of the motors. This means that the battery and motor are working coherently.

This E-board is designed for beginners specifically, it is very easy to use. It gives you the confidence to cruise with a strong grip so you can stand firmly on the board. Once the battery is fully charged, it gives you a range of 15 miles so you can o around the town, for a parade, for shopping, and to from your workplace.

The remote control is a smart one that allows you to adjust acceleration and speed modes. It also features a pro mode that lets you achieve a strong and speedy acceleration to the highest speed. This mode lets you cover 3.8 miles in just 10 minutes.

You can read the data on your remote control like battery capacity, range, speed, etc so you have full control over the skateboard. The tagline says “from easy to pro” so whether you are a professional skater or a beginner who is just starting, this is one of the best electric skateboards you can get your hands on.

  • Worth the price
  • Stable and fast
  • Great speed, range, and neat build
  • Battery life too short

6. Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard – 39″, Woody

Max 15

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Atom longboards
  • Material: Maple
  • Color: Woody
  • Dimensions: 39 x 9.5 x 7.8 inches; 10 Pounds
  • Wheels: Genuine MBS 100mm X 65mm All-Terrain wheels
  • Trucks: Grade 8 Kingpins
  • Modes: 4 modes of speed and brake
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
Product Image

Atom Longboards

Are you a pro skateboarder who is looking for a new adventure? Or wait! you might be a beginner who has visually enjoyed skateboards till now but you want to give it a try? Maybe you are looking for something with which you can cruise around your campus because long walk, aghh!

Atom all-terrain longboard will take you where ever you need to go. Whether pavements or dirt this is the E-board that will take you places with a few heads turning your way. Do not be fooled by look-alike products, Atom longboards provide you a few features no other longboard has.

First of all, it has genuine MBS 100mm x 65 mm all-terrain wheels with high-quality urethane. This means that you can conquer the on-road as well the off-road pathways with these robust wheels. They provide you enhanced traction so you do not lose control over speed a have full command over your moves.

The deck is a maple lam-drop deck that keeps a low center of gravity for pushing and off-road riding. The trucks which are the T-shaped undersides to keep the wheels and bearing in places are sturdy and heat-treated so all the bearings are securely attached to the board.

  • Moves at your command
  • Functional brakes, easy to stop
  • Best for rough, gravelly surfaces
  • Trucks are tunned for a lightweight person
  • Manufacturing is flawed, parts can break off easily

7. BACKFIRE Galaxy Electric Skateboard


Product Specifications
  • Brand: Backfire
  • Material: 8 ply rock hard maple
  • Color: Galaxy
  • Dimensions: 38 x 9; 16.2 lbs
  • Load capacity: 240 lbs
  • Range: 12-15 miles
  • Modes: 3 modes of speed
  • Battery: Sony 216Wh
  • Motors: 2 in-hub motors, each 400 W
Product Image

In this list of the best electric skateboards, this one has the best outlook. If you are a space fan and love the galaxy design, this is the skateboard for you. It takes you gliding down the roads just as you are exploring the galaxy. The unique design reflects that a lot of thorough thought process has gone into manufacturing.

Let’s break down the parts and discuss each part one by one. Starting with the motors and tires, It has 2 in-hub motors which are custom made to give you a lower center of gravity. This means you have more stability on the board. Another feature that gets my attention is that motors and tires are independently replaceable.

This means that you have a range of choices for tires and reduced maintenance since you can change the tires without changing the motor. Now moving to the deck, it is 8 layers of hard rock maple so you have a solid yet flexible deck. The deck is designed to be thin and long and a slightly concave shape so you absorb shocks during the ride.

The remote control is an R2 wireless one that gives you command over speed. It also features a broad display status to monitor your speed, range, battery capacity, etc. Some additional accessories include charger tools, stickers, and of course the remote control.

  • Best E-board for long distances
  • Unique design at an affordable price
  • Fully equipped, comes with everything you might need
  • Best looking board in the market
  • Board disconnects from the remote after few hours of use
  • Questionable quality
  • Low warranty time

8. MBS Comp 95 Mountainboard

28 MPH 

Product Specifications
  • Brand: MBS
  • Material: power lam (Maple and Glass fiber)
  • Color: Natural/ Brown
  • Dimensions: 47.24 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches; 14.7 Pounds
  • Suspensions: Shock block
  • Tire Type: T1 8 inches
  • Rider Style: All-around
  • Motors: Rockstar Hub II
Product Image

MBS Comp 95 Mountainboard

MBS mountainboards is a company based in Colorado and id functioning since 1993. Comp 95 is the most versatile product of MBS mountainboards. It is a versatile board for all types of riders, whether beginners or pro. It is suitable for beginners as they won’t outgrow it and need a newer one.

As for the expert riders, this board allows the flexibility to push the boundaries and take up a challenge. It is a sturdy board that has Matrix II trucks that are light yet strong. They have the smoothest carving than any truck channel available in the market to date.

Looking for the top end best electric skateboards under $1000, look no further, we have written an extensive guide here.

The deck has a multi-feature profile, it is strong, and it has an asymmetric concave design. It is undoubtedly the most pop and most comfortable e-board you might have stepped on. Contrary to the other MBS boards, this one has upgraded unbreakable rockstar II hubs rather than traditional twister hubs.

It makes the binding of the bearings and wheels extremely strong to the board. This also means that these are way more flexible than their predecessors. The truck is an MBS shock block, so you have the required resistance for smooth and sharp turns.

  • Beautiful deck
  • High-quality hardware
  • Good momentum
  • Worthwhile in streets
  • Grit tape has bubbles in it
  • Stress cracks develop quite quickly
  • Not too good for off-trail

9. Motion 38 Inches Electric Skateboard and Longboard with Remote Controller Bamboo Deck

23 MP/H Top Speed 10 Miles Range

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Motion
  • Material: Bamboo and Glass fiber
  • Color: Black
  • Top speed: 23 MPH
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Load Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Modes: 3 modes from beginner to expert
  • Motor: 2400 W
  • Batteries: Samsung 25R 18650 batteries
  • Durometer Hardness: 90A
  • Size of the Board: 38 inches
  • Charging time: 3 hrs
Product Image

Motion 38 Inches Electric Skateboard

Are you looking for a decent kicktail electric skateboard? Look no further. Motion brings back the old school design with its electric skateboards. The classic kicktail design allows you to hop a curb and do as many skateboard tricks as you want. All the authentic skateboard experiences with an advanced e-board twist.

Motion is a professional skateboard manufacturing company. They have their unique designs that are tested and tried by their development and test team. They are constantly generating new ideas of fusion so you can have a genuine skateboarding experience. With motion 38 you can lift one end of the skateboard off the ground and glide through the town.

It is a high-performance skateboard that makes all your dreams come true. The skateboard is constructed with precise attention to detail from the deck to the wheels. The deck is made of bamboo and glass fiber to give you shock absorbance, ride feel, flexibility, and deep carving capabilities. The battery case is made of rubber, silicone, and aluminum, so you have a protected and water-resistant design.

The wheels are 90 mm 78 A high elasticity wheels so you can ride comfortably with more grip. The trucks are 9 inches, which are hardwearing and very stable at high speed. Reinforced wires are present, so you do not have a chance of getting loose wires due to vibrations. There is a forward and reverse pully to increase and reduce speed.

  • High function controller
  • True to the range
  • Lasts 10 miles with just one charge
  • No replacement parts available

10. SagaPlay Electric Skateboard with Remote Control + Dual-Motor Smart Longboard Skateboards

17 Ply Bamboo Board, Part No. [SS-K02]] – Skate Board for Rider, Kids, and Adults for Outdoor/School

Product Specifications
  • Brand: SagaPlay
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Color: Black
  • Top speed: 25 MPH
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Modes: 2 modes of speed
  • Motor: 2100 W, brushless
Product Image

SagaPlay Electric Skateboard

SagaPlay is not just an average company, it is way far from average, it is the next generation of rideable technology. An example is the use of balance hoverboards by various companies but they had multiple issues. Sagaplay corrected those issues and safety concerns and introduced transportation for generation Z.

The self-balancing skateboard is the latest technology that combines modern feel, look, and transportation. The maximum speed is 25 miles per hour over a range of 10 miles in a single charge. This makes the SagaPlay electric skateboard the second-fastest e-board amongst those available in the market.

The lightweight self-balancing e-board is designed with a 100% 7-ply bamboo frame to ensure a lightweight yet durable experience. The dual motors can provide you the power of 2100W so you can speed up to 25 MPH in a matter of seconds. The tires are PU with a high power battery so you can push it up to 10 miles on a single charge.

It has 2 modes of speed and the option to reverse all controlled by a handheld remote. The remote has a brake control, direction button, power button, and a gear shift button. The safe design provides speed control, auto breaks, and internal sensors to prevent electrical shortages.

  • Self-balancing
  • Easy turns and cruising
  • Big wheels for a smooth ride
  • Not very safe for beginners

Best Electric Skateboard 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

We are undoubtedly living in the golden age of riding technology. To be honest, sometimes I wonder what is next? We have self-driving cars, jets, rockets, and whatnot. Even the simplest thing that people used for fun and tricks like a skateboard has now become e-board. It has so many gears and accessories that it is hard to keep track of all.

What is an Electric skateboard?

With each passing month, the technology keeps getting advance and crazier. So how to keep up? First of all, we must understand what an electric skateboard is, and what are the basic parts of it? Electric skateboards are the newest cousin of traditional skateboards and have become hip over the last couple of years.

In the simplest words, an electric skateboard is a battery and motor-powered skateboard. It is operated with a handheld remote to control speed, monitor direction, and battery, etc. They are an upgraded version of a traditional skateboard as they do not restrict you with energy. You can go uphill and cor long distances effortlessly.

Parts of an Electric Skateboard?

There are numerous accessories available along with a skateboard but not all of them are necessary parts. The typical parts of an e-board are as follows

  • Battery: Just like the smartphone in your hand the e-boards also require a battery for power. Naturally, the stronger the battery, the longer will be the life of the board. There are e-boards available with all sorts of batteries from Lithium to Nickel to smart batteries.
  • Motor: It’s efficiency, size, and material define the mechanical power of your e-board. The electric motor can be found placed next to the axle or wheel. Most commonly the motos are inside the board itself i.e. in-hub or in-wheel motors.
  • Remote control: The remote control is what makes your e-board functional. It can be wireless or some other type. The most advanced ones have LCD to show your charging, speed, range, and battery capacity. With the older version, you can power on or off the e-board and just control the speed by a + and a – button.

Many other things are provided by e-boards but they are not essential for the board. For example

  • Replaceable wheels in different colors.
  • Grit tape to provide traction off-road.
  • Taillights to signal to stop.
  • Safety equipment like foot straps or night vision light.

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard

Now you are familiar with what an electric skateboard is and what are its basic parts. If you search the market to buy an e-board, you will feel overwhelmed by the number of options available. Everyone claims to have the best product with maximum features. But how will you choose just one?

I understand the feeling of a first-time buyer, the more you research the more your head feels like spinning. Try to process all the information, being confused in the specification are all flustering. To be honest, if you buy any skateboard from the above list you will be happy. To be more precise you will be ecstatic, the feeling of a new board and all its gadgets is unmatched.

If you are on budget and looking for some cheap alternatives, here you can find the best cheap electric skateboards.

It will seem like a new toy and trust me you will get the adrenaline rush when riding it for the first time. The more you ride it you will either get comfortable or you will realize that there is a certain style of skating that you prefer. This is when you will feel like you have made the wrong choice.

But do not worry we have got you covered. This article provides you with a list of the best electric skateboards along with honest customer reviews. You might say that there are still 10 options and you have to buy one. For that purpose, below are certain checks or dos and don’ts for buying an electric skateboard.

Define your Terrain

Before you choose an electric skateboard, consider the terrain you plan on conquering. It means you should first define the region around which you would be riding your skateboard. It is very important as it will define what should be the rigidity of the wheels, motor, and the deck of the e-board.

If you plan on traveling on smooth roads, you should go with PU tires. They are sleek wheels perfect for sealed roads. If you are surrounded by less than perfect paths, you might want to get the hybrid or AT wheels. They are strong, large-diameter wheels that help absorb shocks and you can even ride of lightly graveled terrain.

If you want to ride on the heavy trail then you must go for Evolve AT wheels, These are light yet strongest wheels with a big diameter. These are equipped with a grot tape that allows you to ride smoothly over a highly gritted path.

Types of Motors

After you have decided on the wheels go for the motors. There are 2 major types of Hub motors or belt drives. Let’s consider both one by one

  • Belt drives: It is a belt that has the motor on the downside of an e-board. These are high performance i.e. fast acceleration and better ability to climb hills. You can also swap the wheels when changing routes. However, they need a lot of maintenance like it can break if you ride too hard on the board. It can also get damaged by gravels or grits on uneven, rough surfaces.
  • Hub motors: These are present inside the wheels and that why called in-hub or in-wheel motors. It affects your performance by a tad bit and you have very limited options for the wheels. Many companies are designing hub motors with replaceable wheels but that has just started. So basically you have to stick with the wheels that it comes with.


The deck is supremely important because it suggests your comfort level and flexibility. A deck can be stiff or flexible but do not just buy the flexible one because it sounds good. If you have a firm deck, it makes turnings easy and provides you stability at high speeds. It will also make you feel all the vibrations from the road. On the contrary, flexible decks are great at absorbing vibration but your stability might be compromised.

Beginners are recommended to go for flexible ones because they are easy to learn on and very smooth and comfortable. Normally maple decks are stiff while bamboo and glass fiber is flexible. If you want to bot, go for the composite deck so you have both stability and flexibility. It is a matter of what you prefer really. 


There are multiple specifications in an electric skateboard, from size to speed to capacity, etc. A few of the most important ones are as follows

  • Speed: The fastest one in this list offers you 28 Miles Per Hour (MPH). For a beginner 20-25 MPH is more than enough, you need a lot of practice to go beyond that or it will be harmful to yourself.
  • Range: It depends on the area that you have to travel on the skateboard. You can get a range of up to 15 miles per charge from the above products. So do you need it to go to the train or bus station? For that short-range will be good enough. However, if you plan on cruising your campus, travel to school or work, get the long-range one.
  • Load Capacity: Most e-boards have a capacity of 200 lbs or above. If you exert more load than the designated capacity it will break.
  • Size: Check the dimension of the board before you finalize it. It tells you the length and width so you know how much space your feet have.

Since we are talking about the speed , check out top 10 list of best mini electric skateboards.

It is just an overview to educate any beginners on what an electric skateboard is? What is the best product and market and finally which product is best suited for you? We hope that this buyer’s guide will help you to buy an electric skateboard that meets all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you decide you need to buy an electric skateboard before you browse the product there are certain queries. It is quite natural that if you want to get a product for the first time you are bound to have hesitations.

To help you get through the basic questions, we have compiled the following frequently asked questions in one place. It will save you the time and effort it takes to go through various articles or blogs for one precise answer. These FAQs will not just help you along the journey but they will help you beforehand.

1. How much an electric skateboard cost?

The cost of an electric skateboard varies from company to company. Additionally, more ad-on and accessories can be costly and might spike the price of an e-board. The average price ranges from 40$ to 2000$. You can get the best electrical skateboard with all the essentials within this range. Now if you go for a big brand the cost goes up and similarly if you breakdown items it will become affordable.

Speaking of skateboards cost, read our reviews on best electric skateboard under $500.

2. What is the best brand for electric skateboards?

It depends on your budget and needs, there are several top quality affordable brands available in the market. Some of them are as follows

3. How long an electric skateboard last/ Does it last longer than a normal skateboard?

Electric skateboards, like any other thing wear out with usage. More usage will result in early wear out of the skateboard. However, electric skateboards are equipped with mostly replaceable parts like batteries, wheels, trucks, and bearings. You can keep changing them from time to time to extract many years.

Among these parts, few need more frequent replacement like wheels. As for the motor and deck, you can always go to service stations for repair. It will cost you much less than buying a new board altogether. There is no way to tell if it lasts longer than a normal skateboard.

It depends upon the maintenance and usage. If you leave your e-board out in the rain or keep dropping it from heights, then it won’t last longer than an ordinary skateboard. Proper care and service can make it last longer.

4. Is It Difficult to maintain balance on an electric skateboard?

Of course, it is difficult to maintain balance on a moving object. It is more difficult if you are a first-timer. However, like any skill or activity, you get better with practice. Balancing on an e-board requires a lot of practice. The more you practice, the easier it is to balance yourself on an e-board.

5. How do the brakes work/ Can I rely on the remote for brakes?

It is quite easy to brake on an e-board; execution needs some pratic, though, especially at high speeds. You just need to push the trigger on the remote control backward but slowly, not all at once. Rapid brakes will cause your weight to shift forward, resulting in falling off the board.

The best way is to shift your weight on the back legs as soon as you prepare to break. This will give you enough momentum to stay on the board when you brake. You can completely rely on the remotes as they are designed by the companies to control the e-board.

6. What is the difference between hun motor and belt motor?

A belt motor is a belt that has the motor on the downside of an e-board. These are high performance i.e., fast acceleration and better ability to climb hills. You can also swap the wheels when changing routes. However, they need a lot of maintenance like it can break if you ride too hard on the board. It can also get damaged by gravels or grits on uneven, rough surfaces.

On the other hand, hub motors are present inside the wheels, and that why called in-hub or in-wheel motors. It affects your performance by a tad bit, and you have very limited options for the wheels. Many companies are designing hub motors with replaceable wheels, but that has just started. So basically, you have to stick with the wheels that it comes with.

Final Verdict

In the technological world, electrical products are continuously upgrading and evolving. It is hard to keep up and necessary to familiarize ourselves with the technology as it is there for our benefit only. If you want to get any product, the first step is understanding your needs. Once you have a clear picture of our requirements, you have the whole market to choose from.

We have provided you thorough research on the best electric skateboards. It helps you with how to navigate through multiple options to settle for the one for you. This article doesn’t just give you the best electric skateboards for 2021 but also customer reviews. Along with this, we brought a buyer’s guide, so you know all the ins and out of the product. We hope this is of great help to you so Happy Shopping!

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